11 Questions

Good morning! I bring to you today a little questionnaire. I saw it on someone’s blog a couple weeks ago and I saved it for a rainy day. I cannot remember where I saw it, but thank you to whoever wrote the questions! ^(having alone time before work while Nick and his brother play with […]

Five on Friday

One: As you know from my post yesterday we had snow this week and it has basically shut Winston down. School is out today and I think the high is 50. I understand we have to be cautious, but it has gotten a little crazy! Two: I saw this challenge on instagram a few nights ago […]

Snow 2014

We finally got a decent snow here in NC. The weathermen have been teasing us with snow forecasts a lot recently, but this week it happened! Tuesday afternoon the flurries started and it didn’t stop snowing until probably 8 that night. I’d say we have at least an inch at our house. It isn’t really […]