It’s Friday!

It’s a cold and dreary friday here in the 336, but it’s friday. Woohoo! This week has been great. This is pretty much an accurate portrayal of what we have looked like this week. (I busted the screen of my phone a couple months ago and last week I got it fixed, but my camera […]

Christmas at the Beach

On Christmas night we all headed towards the beach to spend the weekend with Nick’s family. We got down there around midnight and were ready to crash.  The next morning Nick and I went to the grocery store to get supplies for a big brunch! I had had a little bit of a cold for […]

Christmas recap

Before Christmas I wanted to show y’all our schedule of events, but I never got around to it. This post might have to be divided into two, but we’ll see. Without further ado I bring you…The Jordan’s crazy Christmas! 1. Christmas with the Robbins family 12/21/13. I have one great-grandparent still alive. It’s my 91 […]