I am the mother to an amazing baby girl [Emmerson] and cute brittany spaniel pup [Ranger], and the wife to Nicholas. I love to stay on the go. If I could travel all the time I think I would. My major weaknesses are sweets ,and coffee, and macaroni and cheese, and well all food I guess. Meeting new people and trying new things get me excited! I try to cook, craft, and create fun things for my family to do-I do not always succeed. I get easily addicted to TV series no matter how silly they are. I take pride in my red hair and millions of freckles. Stick around to learn everything else!


6 thoughts on “About

  1. How blessed can a woman be to have a daughter-in-love, a redheaded granddaugher and a great granchild that is so cute you could eat her? Love the pics! And love YOU.

  2. funny thing is my daighter is named emmerson( double m also ) and my fiancé name is Jordan.
    Your blog is really nice, lots of good reads !

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